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In Search of Isabella

by Ghost Atlantic

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I’ll follow you to the prison walls Bags are packed with all you’ll never need Makeshift ladders woven from my hands Up and over, never to be seen again So now I pass my time among the powerlines Distant, malcontent, waiting for a sign CHORUS: Pace from bed to window carving trenches in the floor Glaciers move to the slowest beat, now they’re scraping at my door This black winter brings a summer of white noise ringing in my ears These faded decoys and a bottle of red should keep the animals away One out of three, but you’re so far ahead Nine years younger but you seem older now Empty frames are hanging above you as you sleep Perfect blank companions for your empty bed Mountains in our eyes born from gentle foothills However the plot is twisted, time will end the same Didn’t make a lot of money Didn’t make a lot to show I hear it’s never less than sunny Beyond these hills of snow
Circular 06:12
It's only the wind Tears your words away Delusions that haunt Promises you fear Fits that never end Again and again Again and again Don't lose your head again It's only the darkness Swallows you whole These ghost riders The absence of time Movements so vital Flesh that only fails Don't lose your head again
The night is breathing down our necks Drifting from a rock to pale skin Walking these rooftop gardens My shell begins to break CHORUS: I've become the easiest target Crafted from the northern quiet I hear them calling, always hungry and howling Move beyond that chip on your shoulder Wheels of truth will bowl you over A new day is dawning, yesterday won't stop knocking Living on eggshells She asked me what my daydreams could be A woman's touch or end of days She had a face you remember Wrapped with winter and yellow leaves Even though this youth will fade After all the scenery's changed As shadows give way to ghosts I'll find the hunger remains Afraid of ourselves so we live in the city Afraid of ourselves so we live in the city Afraid of ourselves so we live in the city Come quiet my noisy mind
DeSoto 04:38
My grandfather drove a DeSoto With an eagle perched above its motor And its eyes turned from green to amber to red But only when your right foot turns to lead Sumner dealt the cards and Rolls Royces Mister Tracy lived a life devoid of aces So he flagged a ride downtown and bartered for a gun First National was emptied in the mid-day summer sun CHORUS: Do you ever find it strange to be back in your hometown? Pictures rearranged, bittersweet and incomplete In this late autumn age, tell me how it all went down Thoughts unfold on gravel roads, lives flash by at ten over Marston made his way to the station Drunken courage armed with a taste for vengeance The brothers King lived by the book they wrote With the help of wild friends they stayed afloat
Sleep it is to dream Bodies falling through the cracks When I turn it is to run So terrified of making peace I would give up my last breath Just to let you wake in peace Hold the walls from bending in To swear you'll never leave CHORUS: Don't bury me alone Don't bury me alone I want the same as anyone Don't bury me The breaking of the waves Always tearing at the shore The shadow that won't fade Just a black mark hanging on A signal that won't fade Resonating in your head Anything to keep you here Anything to keep the lights away Inside the absence Inside the chaos of this place You are an ocean You are the light that warms my face Only an echo The holiest sound to pull me out You are the one thing You are the one thing I won't change For you I'll come running For you I'll come running back I will come running For you I'll come running back
Astraea 09:13
Frozen air in a room silent Windows bend to break Sorry that I couldn't hold the day Sorry that I was not awake It's spinning away It's spinning away again It's spinning away from here It's spinning away It's spinning away again It's spinning away from me I will remain
Red Static 03:08
Rabbit Hole 05:19
It was a long shot, yeah, on the off chance that we Were made of moving parts or moving things Fix the broken parts, the ugliness A brand new shine for perfect skin Stuck in the breakdown lane, no flashing lights Or tearing gears No changing lanes No changing lanes CHORUS: Did you even see this coming Or were you just stuck there running in place? Were you only holding on? Did you even see this coming Or were you just stuck there running in place? Were you waiting for a click? When a body breaks against its course No second chance for last reserve It was an open door, a rabbit hole A quick descent for slow decay Stuck in the breakdown lane, no flashing lights Or tearing gears No changing lanes No changing lanes
Bellwether 06:49
You push away saints and hide behind sinners Concerned with pricey wines and cold private dinners Brown eyes widen as we grow thinner Roads are lined with orange cones Warning signs on my way home Her stitching hour has spun a web of rag and bone CHORUS: They say you’re sharp, Sharp as a tack Sharp as your nails across my back Born with broken eyes And a head of glass Legs too short to outrun your past Gripping the wheel on a fog-blinded coast I know you the least but I miss you the most What kind of lies must I tell to wake up next to you? Water-logged and seasick maidens Eyes peeled for treetop beacons
Lakebed 07:29
Bring a flame to your bills, watch it burn through the hills Try to turn away from the fading of the sun Poetic colored chalk bleeds on cracked sidewalk "There's an ocean of greed drowning friends in need" Rainy afternoons of broken haikus The gathering storm has a bird's-eye view With many refinements time has been defined It lays by your side immune to confinement CHORUS A: They call him the tombstone boy, with his awkward choice of words He's off to steal a dollar from the girl who feeds the birds Carving the waves in a stolen boat, commander of the bay Jumping stones on his way home to find his forgotten key Come sing to me your ragged symphony A swarm of gulls, a flock of bees We were rebels out of lead against a cavalry of talk My soul gave out, they said it was hard to miss Hold to a grudge, against what I can't name Hoping that tomorrow I'm no longer the same You should have been here to see all of this We will fear the world as good as it gets CHORUS B: Winter recedes among shadows, burned by an angry moon We tried every notch on the dial, the sun will rise again Give it a chance or leave it in dust, consumed by everyone I could drive this car into the sea and wander far from home You love to stories of things that drive me wild Tell me once again, do you live on Park or Pine? House number five, step inside and find a light In house number three stands the man I want to be


released August 30, 2016

Recorded over 15 days between April 2015 and April 2016 at Acadia Recording Company in Portland, Maine

Produced, engineered and mixed by Todd Hutchisen

Mastered by Pat Keane at PKM in Portland, Maine

All music written by Ghost Atlantic
©2016 Ten Pounds of Hits in a Five Pound Bag Music (BMI)


all rights reserved



Ghost Atlantic Portland, Maine

Writing a band bio is the worst.


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